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Why we can offer more?

Our boutique agency sells an extremely high percentage of the properties we list for sale. We work diligently on a small number of listings until we reach a successful conclusion. This contrasts with other agencies' aim of listing as many properties as possible through the use of high profile agents with support staff handling the actual sales process. Quality over quantity.

Our aim is to promote the property rather than the agent or agency to achieve a better result. We focus our efforts on premium sale prices for owners. We don't use airbrushed photos of ourselves on our signs, bus shelter, on our cars or anywhere else. The cult of personality has very little to do with selling your property, so we leave the spotlight focused on the property and its features. Bigger offices often boast about the number of sales staff in an office or the combined power of a franchising network. The truth is agencies within the same brand actively compete with each other for listings and very rarely sell property listed by a member office. Some franchised offices don't even conjunct between member agencies. There is no benefit to choosing a franchised agency over an independent agency, experienced individuals with local knowledge are the best sales people, no matter who they work for. It is usually more expensive with franchise fees as an added layer of cost.

All our sales staff have over 20 years living and selling experience in the local district. We do not have high staff turnover nor an unending supply of young and inexperienced, but very well dressed, sales staff sent from head office to learn how to sell. Our team does offer an intimate knowledge of suburbs, streets and individual properties gained from years in the field. The aim is always the highest price in the shortest time.

As an independent agent, accredited with the REIQ since 1972, we can offer more cost effective solutions by giving each individual property a sales program that is specifically aimed at selling that particular property. Auction, fixed price, tender. We have experience in all methods of sale in all market conditions. We do not adopt a 'one size fits all' policy that suits the agent over the property being sold. Our sellers are always offered choices, based on our advice and the prevailing market conditions, in how the selling process is conducted.

The Process

Firstly, a Form 22a (Authority to Sell) is completed and signed by both agent and seller detailing the method of sale, property details, agent details, sellers details, marketing details and marketing timeframe. These details are finalised after consultation between ourselves and the sellers covering all aspects of the campaign.

Once photography is complete and details are compiled on the property, it is time for launch. The property is loaded onto the internet, displayed in our shopfront window and advertised in the print media. Qualified buyers from are database are notified by our agents and detailed property brochures are distributed in the local area. Open house inspections are also conducted, mostly on weekends and occasionally at twilight during the week.

Throughout the selling process our agents are in constant contact with the sellers, detailing feedback from buyers, observing internet and email activity, assessing the impact of the marketing campaign and, most importantly, communicating all written and verbal offers from buyers.

Once an offer is successfully negotiated to a conclusion and the contract is lodged with solicitors, we don't stop selling your property. If the contract is conditional upon finance, building & pest inspections or other clauses we keep actively searching for buyers until the contract is deemed 'unconditional' (all conditions are met and we are just waiting for settlement day ).

Settlement is attended to by both parties' legal representatives. On completion both sides advise the agent in writing and authorise for the release of keys and balance of deposits. More happy clients if we've done our job properly.

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